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Memorial Day Message from Mayor Matt Scott

Today's touring Memorial Day Parade will begin at 1:00 p.m. Please see the attached route. It is expected the route will take two hours to complete. Pull up chairs to your front lawns, practice social distancing, and honor our first responders and all those who have served our country.
Have a Safe and Happy Memorial Day!
Memorial Day Message from Cranbury Mayor Matt Scott

Memorial Day Parade drive-by

Check back later today for photos!

Memorial Day Essays

Essay by Syra B.
Essay by Leah B.
Essay by Louise C.
Essay by Angela C.
Essay by Jessica C.
Essay by Jonathan J.
Essay by Madeline K.
Essay by Jessica M.
Essay by Kanishk M.
Essay by Ronin S.
Essay by Shaan Z.

Memorial Day Poem

Poem by Kate M.

Memorial Day Posters

Poster by Sahil P.
Sahil's Poster

Poster by Sanya B.
Sanya's Poster

Poster by Skylar B.
Skylar's Poster

Poster by Atharva D.
Atharva's Poster

Poster by Pranaali D.
Pranaali's Poster

Poster by Ben D.
Ben's Poster

Poster by Soham G.
Soham's Poster

Poster by Audrey H.
Audrey's Poster

Poster by Clare H.
Clare's Poster

Poster by Sienna J.
Sienna's Poster

Poster by Chen J.
Chen's Poster

Poster by Faye J.
Faye's Poster

Poster by Brooke K.
Brooke's Poster

Poster by Charlotte K.
Charlotte's Poster

Poster by Sawyer K.
Sawyer's Poster

Poster by Mathew L.
Mathew's Poster

Poster by Xavier M.
Xavier's Poster

Poster by Gabriel M.
Gabriel's Poster

Poster by Julia S.
My poster is inspired by the Cranbury Monuments. I like to walk by them and look at the names and dates and remember how brave Cranbury residents have been. I especially like looking at them since I've been interested in Alexander Hamilton history. One of my pictures is an upside down salute because I'm a gymnast.
Happy Memorial Day!
Julia's Poster

June Meeting

Club meetings are cancelled until further notice.

Rockin' the Vest

Awesome video! The yellow vest posse; to learn more, visit Be a Lion


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