Cranbury Lions Club

Feb. Meeting

Feb. 1; 7:00 PM; Location: Teddy's Restaurant;
Program: Richard Moody will give an in-costume impersonation of the Marquis de Lafayette explaining his background and his important role in support of the American revolution including activities in and around Cranbury.

Mar. Meeting

Mar. 1; 7:00 PM; Teddy's Restaurant;
Program: Tim Brennan will discuss an historic accident that took place in Cranbury in 1833 on New Jersey's first steam powered railroad, the Camden and Amboy line. The accident led to a technological innovation in railroad construction that remains state of the art to today. Tim will describe the event in period costume in the person of Tyrone Power, who was a passenger on the train.

Rockin' the Vest

Awesome video! The yellow vest posse; to learn more, visit Be a Lion


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