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President:  Mike Kaiser
1st Vice President:  John Kobland
2nd Vice President:  Pat Meehan
3rd Vice President:  Dave Cook
Secretary:  Bob Virgadamo
Treasurer:  Dean Koehler
Associate Treasurer:  Elaine Homoky
Immediate Past President:  Rick Burke
Membership Chairman:  Jon Goldstein
Information Technology Chairman:  Dave Shaffer
Tail Twister:  Peter Turner

Directors - 1 Year:  Ray Dickey
                                 Andre Mento
                                 Dave Shaffer
                                 George Smith
Directors - 2 Years:  Walton Caldwell
                                  Jon Goldstein
                                  Jeff Grundy
                                  Peter Turner
Lion Tamer:  Frank Marlowe
Publicity Chairman:  Rick Burke
Jargon Editor:  Bob Virgadamo

January, 2009

January 6 - Board of Directors Meeting - 7:30PM, Boy Scout Room (Town Hall)

January 7 - Regular Meeting - 7PM, Cranbury Station; Dinner: Chicken Marsala

Program: John Ritter - former Township Committee Candidate and "relative expert" on New Jersey affordable housing regulations and legislation, will give a summary of the changes, the factors and formulas that will affect how many housing units Cranbury will be required to provide, the time scale, and the variables that will affect the outcomes.

January 21 - Regular Meeting - 7PM, Cranbury Station; Dinner: Beef Burgundy

Program: Cranbury resident Sheila Sullivan, Assistant Director of Creative Services for Autism Speaks in NYC, will speak about Autism.

February, 2009

February 3 - Board of Directors Meeting - 7:30PM, Boy Scout Room (Town Hall)

February 4 - Regular Meeting - 7PM, Cranbury Station; Dinner: Chicken Parmigiana

Program: Dr. Pam Paskowitz from the Summit School For the Deaf

February 18 - Regular Meeting - 7PM, Cranbury Station; Dinner: Beef Burgundy

Program: TBD

Welcome our Newest Member...Neal Wagman
Things To Know

Even though we send a revised "Calendar of Events" with each dues mailing, we'd like to remind all members to PLEASE, share the Jargon with your Spouse, so that our events may be better scheduled on your personal or family calendars for better attendance. Please Note that Spouses are invited not only to attend the meetings, but to become Members under the Family Membership Initiative. In any event, Spouses are wholly encouraged to attend "Spouse Night" meetings. Our next "Spouse Night" is our Lion of the Year" Dinner on April 15.

There will be a very special presentation made at our February 4 Meeting and we are hoping that as many members as possible will attend!

As you all may have heard, there was a horrible house fire at the home of Jean and Rowland Kieny who live at 13 Hightstown Cranbury Station Road. Except for the clothes on their backs, the Kienys lost everything they owned, including, sadly, their family pet. They are living, temporarily, at their daughter's (Sandra Buda) house on Station Road. The Board of Director's have authorized a $1000 donation to the family from our Disaster Relief Fund, in the form of a Visa Gift Card. Members who wish to offer further assistance or household help, and who may not know the Kienys, can contact PDG Bob or President Mike.

The Club received a request for Phone Cards to help our troops overseas connect with their families for the holidays; the project was coordinated through Senator Bill Baroni's Office. As you all know, our fundraising efforts have been down this year, so "new" donations are somewhat difficult. However, it was suggested that we use the 50/50 proceeds from the "Peace Poster" Meeting to buy the phone cards; the action was unanimously approved by the BOD, and brought to the membership at the business meeting. There being no objection, President Mike asked the members to be generous. The 50/50 was actually won by one of our guests, Bob DeSimone, who donated the winnings back to the club for additional phone cards. We raised $185 for our troops! President Mike sent 45 phone cards (5,625 minutes) to Senator Baroni's office for distribution. Heartfelt thanks to our members and guests for your generosity.

For the ninth year, we have worked with the US Marines, collecting Toys for Tots in and around Cranbury. In spite of the faltering economy (and another organization's collection in town), we collected 408 toys and a small cash donation. The Club would like to thank all the participating businesses for acting as toy collection points: 1st Constitution Bank for placing collection boxes at so many branches, Arcadis (formerly BBL), and the US Post Office in Cranbury. PDG Bob would also like to give his sincerest personal thanks to Lions Elaine Homoky, Mike Kaiser, and Pat Meehan for pitching in and helping with the critical last toy pick-ups.

We held our 61st Annual Pancake Breakfast on December 7, and while the number of people who came for breakfast was down over last and previous years, we raised a decent amount for charity; the final accounting has not yet been made, but it looks like +/-$4500. We would like to thank Lion Gene Buckley, who won the 50/50, for donating the proceeds back to the Club. A GIANT Attaboy goes to Lion Jerry Hanson and his crew for dealing with the new "problems" we had this year, and making this year's operation as seamless and as efficient as ever. Thanks to Lion Jim Gerberich for providing "Santa photos", and of course, a laurel and hardy handshake to "Santa Richard and his Merry Elves". We would especially like to thank Teddy's Restaurant and the Cranbury Station Restaurant for their extremely generous donations.

Past President Rick Burke chaired the Poinsettia Sales Fundraiser, and with the help of PDG Bob and 2VP Pat Meehan, completed advertising, plant pick-up and sales at the Pancake Breakfast. After ordering 40 large (8" pot) and 30 small (6" pot) Poinsettias, we were able to sell nearly all, netting a fine income on the plants.

After more than 20 years, Lions Don Jo Swanagan and Monty Hagerty retired as Co-Chairs of the Annual Holiday Decoration Contest. The Club would like to thank them for their years of service on this project and welcome the two new Co-Chairs...Lions Jon Goldstein and Andre Mento! Together with the help of a few more Lions, they did "Drive & Judge" for the Holiday Decoration Contest on December 18; as usual, the 'winning' home in each neighborhood received a beautiful poinsettia in an 8" pot for the holidays. Following, in no particular order, is a list of the homes who received a poinsettia:

Steven & Robin Reifinger, 20 Silvers La; Joanne & William Gordy, 18 Ryan Rd; George & Margie Conley, 33 Maplewood St; Donald & Fran Davidson, 1 Westminster; Jayne Hoerner, 8 Park Pl; Eileen & William Beam, 11 South Main; James & Kristen Taylor, 13 South Main; Donald Herr, 6 Station Rd; Michael Rowe, 15 Stockton; Janet Defrancis, 3 McKnight; Robert & Katina Garthe, 33 Bodine; Keith Shaw, 128 North Main; Jeff & Donna Grundy, 3 Bunker Hill; Barry & Susan Scheer, 64 Petty Rd; William & Jennifer McGoorty, 54 Petty Rd; George & Susanne Hornyak, 8 Cubberly; Gerald & Mary Anna Geier, 5 Applegate; Michael & Debra Floyd, 29 Liedtke Dr; Alexander & Teresa Lim, 31 Liedtke Dr; Janet & John Weigand, 18 Hardley; Joseph & Christine Deleo, 9 Parkview; Valerie & Manuel Ochara, 15 Washington; Mark & Linda Carduner, 11 Adams.

The 2008 Christmas Party on Friday, December 19th at "Charlie Brown's" in Kingston was a smash hit! Just the right combination of dinner, dancing and secret Santa! Kudos and an Attaboy to Lions Neile Wright, Bobbie Marlowe and Phyllis Johnson for planning and executing the best Holiday Party in YEARS! Lion Bob & Pat Wood weren't the only ones on the dance floor this year; the DJ managed to get nearly everyone up to dance and everyone had a great time. If you missed it, you missed a great party. But ... Lions Neile and Bobbie are already planning something new and different for next year, and I for one can't wait! Thank you, ladies, for a wonderful event.

Lion Frank Vesci will be Chairing the Winter Art Auction, at Fellowship Hall in the Cranbury Presbyterian Church on February 21. Even though the actual auction will be taken care of by local artist Kathie Morolda, Lion Frank will need at least 10-15 volunteers for the night, but we can all help between now and then by obtaining Ad Journal Sponsors and (upscale) donations for a silent auction; we will need a few volunteers to bake and serve coffee; we will need "runners" all night long; we will need a set-up crew on Saturday afternoon; and a breakdown and clean-up crew on Saturday night; someone to work "the gate" - sell tickets, provide "paddles", sell 50/50, and extra "silent auction" tickets. Some of you may recall we did this a few years ago and the event proved to be fairly successful, but like any of our events, they can only succeed if you are there! A sign up sheet will begin circulating at the meetings in January, or contact Lion Frank, directly, at (215) 493-5193.

The New Jersey Devils have again invited New Jersey Lions Multiple District 16 to attend a game at the new Prudential Arena for New Jersey Lions Night at the NJ Devils. Our own Lions Joe Carroll has agreed to Chair this State Event again - you may all recall what a fantastic job Joe did last year! Game Night is Saturday, February 7, 2009, Devils v. LA Kings. The $65 face value balcony seats will be available for $45, and if we can sell 100 or more tickets (state-wide), $10 per ticket will be donated back to the Club for each ticket purchased. This is a GREAT way of raising money for our Projects Budget: go to a Hockey Game (and, fan or not, the excitement at the game is contagious!), have fun...and the Devils give our club money! Remember! This is Lions Night, but non-Lions are welcome to attend and get the Lion discount on tickets - if you know someone who enjoys hockey, by all means, invite them! Every Lion in the State will receive a post card directly from the Devils (they have been asked to NOT add our Lions to their marketing base), and appropriate instructions will be on the card; however, Cranbury Lions and residents (only) may order tickets from Lion Joe (409-9682).

It feels like winter, but baseball season is coming! Mark your calendars for our Trenton Thunder 50/50 on Friday, June 12, Thunder v. Mets; and our Annual Baseball Outing on Saturday, August 22. Although you can reserve your ticket for the August game now, more information about these events will be available at a later date.

More importantly, due to our long-term relationship with the Trenton Thunder, we have been offered advance sale tickets to the Eastern League All-Star Game on August 15. Ordering your July baseball ticket in January is not a silly s it sounds; the All Star Game rotates each year, and historically, when it's been in at Riverside Stadium, the game has been sold out in February! Probably because this is a great opportunity to see the stars of tomorrow play before they get to "The Bigs". Because the game falls on our July meeting night (3rd Wednesday), the Board thought it would be appropriate - and fun - to make the game our July meeting; that makes the cost of the game free to members. However, we would like to share this opportunity with spouses, friends, Cranbury neighbors, Scouts, other Cranbury Organizations, other Lions Clubs, your Cousin Vinny, and your Great Aunt Gertrude. Cranbury Lions may invite anyone to the game - tickets will cost $17 each - but your ticket reservations AND payment, MUST BE to PDG Bob NLT January 28. [Cranbury Lions must also RSVP for the game, but no payment will be required]

The Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley is once again running their Gift of Sight Raffle. Tickets are $30, $5 of which (per ticket) is returned to the selling Club; there will be 4 drawings through the winter and each drawing is for a $1000. Any one who wishes to sell or purchase a ticket(s) should contact President Mike.

Lions Clubs International is once again holding the Lions Environmental Photo Contest. If you take pictures, enter your best into the 2009 International Photo Contest. You can enter Black & White or Color; photos may not be altered using Photo Shop or other programs; no people may appear in the photo, except as indicated below; enter in any of the following categories:
  ●  Animal Life
  ●  Landscape- Urban or Natural
  ●  Plant Life
  ●  Weather Phenomenon
This year the special category is:
  ●  Lions Environmental Miracle Workers - Lions In Action, Implementing A Lions Environmental Project.
      As implied by the title in the, people may appear in photos entered under the 'special category'.

One winning photo will be selected, per District, and only one may be sent per Multiple District to International. All pictures must be 8" x 10", on photo paper with the Official Entry Form which can be downloaded from the International Web Site, ( Deadline: All Cranbury Photos must be to PDG Bob NLT January 25. Last year the New Jersey Winner was in the International Photo Contest Calendar. For complete rules or more information, check the Lions Clubs International Web Site.

The Board of Directors at the Jamesburg Home for Boys, an MD-16 State approved organization and an organization that the Cranbury Club has closely supported throughout our 76 year history, has requested our assistance in forming a new LEO Club at the facility. The Club will be open to (rehabitable) non-violent offenders, who wish to render service to the community; a service project is already being worked out between the facility and the NJ Lions Eye Glass Recycling Center. Our Board of Directors has approved this Club Service Project, and, VERY IMPORTANT, is seeking at least 2 members who would be willing to serve as LEO advisors to this Club. Information regarding the Advisor and Leo Clubs, in general, can be downloaded from the LCI website at:; a hard copy booklet will be available shortly. Any member who would like to volunteer as Leo Advisors should contact President Mike or PDG Bob, ASAP.

Since we already have a few volunteers from Cranbury, we should follow through on our commitment and plan to sponsor a new Club in Plainsboro. To accomplish this, we need a few committed Lions to contact local businesses, local government employees, and perhaps run a membership drive in the shopping plazas and the new "downtown" area to gather local residents as members. This would not be unprecedented; the Cranbury Lions sponsored the Hightstown Club, as well as the (now defunct) Hamilton, Jamesburg, and (former) Plainsboro Clubs. There's no doubt that this will be a large undertaking, but the satisfaction obtained at the completion of this project will make every Cranbury Lion proud! As it is with all our projects, the more volunteers we can get, the easier the task! Interested Lions should contact President Mike, Membership Chair Jon Goldstein, or PDG Bob, ASAP.

It has been recommended that a member of the Club be totally familiar with the Lions Clubs International Insurance Policy, which covers us under its umbrella, and be available to inspect our event sites and complete a form as it may apply to any particular event or fundraiser, as the new Club "Safety Officer". It is interesting to note that, other than being familiar with the policy, and completing any form that may ever become necessary (but only if necessary), this Club Position is about as easy as anything could be. Anyone interested in this position - especially members with insurance-related backgrounds - should contact President Mike.

Coming Soon...

The Board has approved a "Service Day" Project for the Club - on a Saturday in the near future, we will meet in the morning and, as a group, serve on the line, or wherever needed, at TASK for approximately 2 hours, after which we will go to the NJ Eyeglass Recycling Center and help sort, fix or otherwise recycle eyeglasses at the center for a few hours. More information will be available shortly. This will be a Club Service Project, and it is expected that we would have a large turn out since, as Lions. We Serve!

Our next White Cane Collection will be in April!

Membership - Membership - Membership

Last year's theme was "the Challenge to Change", and, through change, we can increase our Membership while rejuvenating existing members to help to keep the Club young-at-heart, active, and viable! Cranbury Lions Club President Mike will continue to accept the Challenge to Change, and is asking ALL members to assist Membership Chair Jon Goldstein in attracting and bringing in new members. To get information about membership options or to obtain membership applications contact Membership Chair Jon, Secretary Bob Virgadamo, or President Mike. In any event, we MUST begin a proactive campaign to bring in new Members! Let's try to keep our Lions Club from being Cranbury's "best kept secret".

As a "bonus", all new members and their sponsors will be personally invited by International President Al Brandell to attend the Induction Ceremony under the Globe at Flushing Meadow Park (the site of the 1964 World's Fair) on World-Wide Induction Day - March 7, 2009 - and to be inducted by International President Al, himself. There has also been a pin designed just for the occasion, which will be given to each new member and each sponsor; after the ceremony, all unused pins will be destroyed, creating an instant "collector's item".

...And Attendance...

Using the tag-line, "If you build it, they will come", President Mike is asking EVERY Cranbury Lion to provide suggestions on how we might be able to CHANGE the meetings to appeal to a broader range of the membership, in an effort to build a stronger Cranbury Lions Club. Please provide your suggestions to him directly.


Do you know of an interesting speaker? You may be an interesting speaker! Please advise Program Chair Frank Marlowe with any and all suggestions for speakers at our meetings.

Any member who learns of the sickness or death of another member, or in a member's family, or any other similar incident or emergency, should contact Lions Frank Marlowe (Chair, H&W) and/or Dave Cook ("phone tree"), and/or Bob Virgadamo (e-mail notifications) so that all members may be notified as soon as possible.

Member Pick-Up - Ed Lawson (5 S. Main)

Lion George Smith has volunteered be the "permanent" pick up driver for Lion Ed; Lion Frank Marlowe has volunteered to be the "permanent" back-up driver. Drivers: if you cannot make your pick-up, please notify President Mike as soon as possible. Riders: please notify the assigned driver if you cannot make a meeting