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President:  Christine Thompson
1st Vice President:  Neal Wagman
2nd Vice President:  Andre Mento
3rd Vice President:  Pat Meehan
Secretary:  Bob Virgadamo
Treasurer:  Dean Koehler
Associate Treasurer:  Elaine Homoky
Immediate Past President:  Dave Shaffer
Membership Chairman:  Jon Goldstein
Information Technology Chairman:  Phyllis Johnson
Tail Twister:  Joe Carroll

Directors - 1 Year:  Dave Cook
                                 Mike Kaiser
                                 Frank Vesci
Directors - 2 Years:  Phyllis Johnson
                                  Fay Kobland
                                  John Kobland
Lion Tamer:  Frank Marlowe
Publicity Chairman:  Neile Wright
Jargon Editor:  Bob Virgadamo

May, 2012

May 1 - Board of Directors Meeting - 7:30PM, Boy Scout Room (Town Hall)

May 2 - Regular Meeting - 7PM, the Station Restaurant; Dinner: Oriental Beef and Broccoli

Program: PDG Bob Virgadamo, our Club Historian, will speak about the 80-year history of the Cranbury Lions Club.

May 16 - Semi-Annual Teddy's Meeting - Breakfast at Teddy's - choice of meal

Program: Social Meeting with residents

June, 2012

June 5 - Board of Directors Meeting - 7:30PM, Boy Scout Room (Town Hall)

June 6 - Student Affairs Meeting - 7PM, the Station Restaurant; Dinner: Sliced London Broil

Program: Ian Pulz - This High School Senior and Eagle Scout will speak to us about his journey to and up Mt. Kilimanjaro.

June 30 - 80th Anniversary Charter Night Celebration - 3-6PM, Zinna's Restaurant; Passed Hors d'Oeuvres; BYOB.

Program: Installation of Officers; presentation of Melvin Jones Award; presentation of Longevity awards.


We are proud to announce that Dr. Blaze Toto and Mr. Matt McCarville (LTC, ret.), both of whom have visited with us as Speakers in the past have joined us in helping to Serve our Community. Please make them welcome.

Things To Know

Have you marked YOUR calendar? Our Cranbury Lions Club 80th Anniversary Charter Celebration will be a cocktail party at Zinna's Restaurant on June 30, 2012. See details below.

Our Annual Joint Zone Meeting was held at the East Brunswick Chateau on April 18. Besides the Cranbury Lions Club, the other clubs in our Zone who attended were East Brunswick, Milltown, South Brunswick, and the new Rutgers Visionary Campus Lions Club. This was the Campus Club's first Zone Meeting since forming their club in January. District Governor Doug Reeder was our guest and inducted two new members; one from Milltown and one from Rutgers Campus. Zone Chair Lion Fay Kobland did an outstanding job of pulling it all together and Co-hosting with Milltown's President Howie Adams. Our Lion of the Year was unable to make the meeting, so the award was held off until the May 2 meeting.

Our White Cane Day on April 7 was quite successful, with members collecting $765 at ShopRite & Teddy's.

We are pleased to announce that our Tree Planting Program for Lion Year 2011-2012, was an incredible success! IP Tam's goal was to plant One Million Trees, worldwide; as of May 1, Lions have planted 8,461,876, worldwide; unofficially, this includes our trees. We worked with Life Scout Clay Kaiser who will plant 100 trees in Cranbury. PDG Bob was able to procure bare root saplings from the NJ Forestry Service for the project, at no cost to the Club; the planting costs (fertilizer, compost, mulch, tools, etc.) were provided by Life Scout Clay, through donations and a fundraiser; we will advise the Membership when Clay holds his fundraiser so that we may help him, help by attending his fundraiser.

Based on the applications submitted, the Student Affairs Committee has chosen this year's recipients of our Student Awards. The Doctor David Tudor Science Scholarship is awarded to Elizabeth Gerberich; Elizabeth has been accepted at the University of Texas (Austin) with a triple major in Pre-Med, Biology and Latin American Studies. The Todd Beamer Scholarship has been awarded to Ian Pulz: accepted to George Mason University, one of his references quoted "He is all that is right with the world". And, the Stan Thomas Citizenship Award will be presented to Kelley Coyle; this 8th grader was nominated by Lion Dr. Susan Genco for her willingness to give back to the community through her work with the Girl Scouts, the Trenton & New Brunswick Soup Kitchens, Toys for Tots, Locks of Love, UNICEF, Smile Train, Catholic Charities, and Trenton Head Start. Congratulations to this year's recipients; awards will be given at out Student Affairs meeting on June 6.

Tickets for our 62nd Annual Spring Raffle have been distributed to the members of the Club. As always the Raffle will be drawn after the Memorial Day Parade and three winners will receive 50% of the proceeds, broken down as 25%, 15%, and 10% for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes, respectively. While each Member is responsible for selling at least 5 tickets, we ask that each member make every effort to sell at least 10 tickets (or more) - that would give us a start at 590+ tickets. Remember: the more tickets we sell, the more we can make for our Charitable Budget.

The Drug Free Fair, sponsored by the Municipal Alliance, will be held on Saturday, May 19. Lion Alex Johnson has will Chair this event; any member not planning on attending the State Convention and would like to give a few hours to the community should contact Lion Alex, or use the Sign-Up Sheet at the meetings.

The Memorial Day Parade is coming up at the end of this month. As always, we need volunteers to help spruce up the float; direct traffic, and sell 50/50 tickets along the Parade Route. A sign-up sheet will circulate at meetings, or call Lion Dave Cook to volunteer.

As you all know, we are crafting a barrel of wine as part of our 80th Anniversary Celebration, and we are holding a Wine Label Design Contest. Labels were submitted and the winners will be announced in the next Jargon. Prizes will be awarded for the top three entries. The prizes will most likely be gift certificates to local restaurants with information to follow as it becomes available. At this writing, we have no exact date, but are informed that the wine will be bottled before June 30.

The 80th Anniversary Committee has also been working with the Cranbury Historical and Preservation Society, and the history of our Club will be the featured exhibit in the Cranbury Museum, opening May 20 through August 26, 2012; we will have an Opening Reception on June 3. Any Member who has ANY memorabilia - photos, flags, banners, posters, anything - should contact Lions Neal Wagman or Fay Kobland to arrange for its use in the exhibit; unless you would like to donate it to the Club, all borrowed memorabilia will be returned at the close of the exhibit. We will also need Sunday afternoon Docents, during the exhibit; if you would like to volunteer to help in any way, please contact either Lions Fay Kobland or Lion Neal Wagman, or use the sign-up Sheet at the meetings. This is a celebration of our Club's 80 years of service to Cranbury; we hope that every member and all our sponsors will consider attending this auspicious occasion.

We will have our 80th Anniversary Charter Celebration on Saturday, June 30, 2012. The Party will be at Zinna's Restaurant from 3-6PM. There will be passed hors d'ouevres and desserts. It is a BYO establishment, so we have managed to keep the price at (approximately) $25 per person. Since this will take the place of our second June meeting, members will only have to pay for guests. Our Sponsors are invited to attend this very special meeting. The Committee is planning a few special fun surprises, and we will keep you updated.

Once again, we would like to remind all members, supporters, and residents that, as always, we will hold our Annual Thunder Game in August; we have a limited amount of seating in the Yankee Club SkyBox. In addition to those Members who have already signed-up, quite a few Members have mentioned that they plan to attend this game; there are only 16 tickets left for this game - please don't get "shut out" of the game by waiting until "the last minute" to reserve your ticket. The Thunder will only play one weekend at home in August, and we have arranged our game date to be Sunday afternoon (5PM), August 19, 2012, when the Thunder plays the Bowie Baysox (Baltimore Orioles). Yankee Club SkyBox tickets are $38 per ticket, and include upscale dining and non-alcoholic beverages for 90 minutes; for tickets contact PDG Bob.

A quick word about the 2012 Multiple District 16 State Convention… It will be held this year on May 17-20 at the Bridgewater Marriot. There will be quite a few Constitutional Changes being made that will require voting by Delegates; at this time we will be allowed 6 Delegates and 6 Alternates. Our own VDG John Kobland will be inducted as Governor of District 16-D; a strong showing of support from our Club throughout the convention, including Friday night at VDG John's Hospitality Room, but especially at the Saturday night event is encouraged. [A word from the District: Our negotiated rates are based on the number of "room nights"; all members are being asked to stay over at least one night, two if possible.] The format for the Saturday evening formal is being "changed"; after the procession of elected incoming Governors, and other necessary protocols, the room will be "changed into a night club setting". Topping the bill will be "Uncle Floyd". This ought to be a fun Convention and certainly one that that our Cranbury Members will want to attend.

And, speaking of the Convention…PDG Bob has advised the Board of Directors that he has submitted his name to the First Vice District Governors (the 2012-2013 Council of Governors) as a candidate Council Chair on the 2012-13 Council. The VDG's will make and announce their decision at the Council meeting to be held on April 21. The Board supports PDG Bob in this endeavor and, on behalf of the Club, has wished him success.

Our Annual Trenton Thunder 50/50 will be June 9, 2012. PDG Bob was not only able to obtain a Saturday game, but it's the (NY Yankees) Thunder v. the Binghamton Mets; this rivalry game is almost always a capacity game! More information to follow.

Help Support the Century of Service Commemorative Coin. Lions Clubs International is leading efforts to mint 400,000 U.S. silver dollars in recognition of Lions Clubs International's 100th Anniversary in 2017. And, this coin is the first step to commemorate our Association's centennial - while raising millions to support our projects for the visually impaired, youth and those affected by disaster. Find out how you can get involved in this campaign at Our Representative is Congressman Rush Holt, and asking for his support by following the link below will take TWO MINUTES.

Membership - Membership - Membership

We always need new members who will help to raise the charitable funds which we need to complete our mission, and to help "broaden" our charitable collection base. But we are about to face a new problem…

Our Administrative Budget is becoming increasingly tight, and our Administrative "back-up fund" has become alarmingly low. Ladies and Gentlemen…Fellow Lions, WE ARE IN NEED OF NEW MEMBERSHIP, and while all are welcome, we need some "youth" so that we won't face the ever continuing possibility of becoming "an old persons' club"…but don't forget "Empty Nesters".

As we've said so often, membership is the key to our survival! New members will rejuvenate existing members and help to keep us ALL young-at-heart, active, and viable! President Christine is asking ALL members to assist Membership Chair Jon Goldstein in attracting and bringing in new members.

Ask your friends and neighbors if they can give a little of their time to serve and to give back to the community, while having a good time doing it with new friends. To get information about membership options or to obtain membership applications contact Membership Chair Jon, Secretary PDG Bob, or President Christine. In any event, we cannot complete our Mission without a Membership Pool so we MUST maintain a proactive campaign to bring in new Members and keep our Lions Club from being Cranbury's "best kept secret"…or worse.


We'd like to remind all members to PLEASE, share the Jargon with your Spouse, so that our events may be better scheduled on your personal or family calendars for better attendance and participation. Please note that Spouses are not only invited to attend all meetings, but to become Members under the Family Membership Initiative. In any event, Spouses are wholly encouraged to attend our quarterly "Spouse Night" meetings.

The Club requires that all Members wear a Lion Vest, Shirt or Hat when we are at a fundraiser or Service Project. If you do not have one of these items, please contact Club Secretary Bob to obtain one. These items are at "cost" to our members. Vests @$40 (S-M-L) or $50 (XL, 2X); larger size vests (to 6X) are available as a special order; hats are $12. Ladies Cut for vests are available, same pricing.

Members can access the Club Directory on-line with the required logon and password. Members without internet capability may contact Lion Phyllis Johnson for a hard copy of the Directory.

One of the most difficult jobs in our Club is the Program Chair, and the ability to get speakers for our meetings. Lion Tamer Frank Marlowe is our Speaker Chair and would be most appreciative of any and all speaker leads he is given. Do you know of an interesting speaker? You may be an interesting speaker! Please contact Lion Frank with any and all suggestions for speakers.

Any member who learns of the sickness or death of another member, or in a member's family, or any other similar incident or emergency, should call or e-mail Lion Frank Marlowe (Chair, H&W) and/or President Christine ("phone tree"), and/or Secretary PDG Bob so that all members may be notified as soon as possible.

Member Pick-Up

The Club will arrange a ride for any member who is unable to drive to the meeting(s). If a Member needs a ride, please contact President Christine or Secretary PDG Bob to arrange for a pick-up.


President - Christine Thompson
1st Vice President - Andre Mento
2nd Vice President - Fay Kobland
3rd Vice President - Frank Vesci
Secretary - Bob Virgadamo
Treasurer - Dean Koehler
Asst. Treasurer - Elaine Homoky
Past President - Dave Shaffer
1-Year Directors (3) - Phyllis Johnson, John Kobland, Neal Wagman
2-Year Directors (3) - Mike Kaiser, John Ryan, Neile Wright
Tail Twister - OPEN POSITION
Lion Tamer - Frank Marlowe
Information &Technology Chair - Phyllis Johnson
Publicity & Advertising Chair - Neile Wright
Membership Chair - Jon Goldstein
Jargon Editor - Bob Virgadamo