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President:  Dave Shaffer
1st Vice President:  Andy Jost
2nd Vice President:  Neal Wagman
3rd Vice President:  Christine Thompson
Secretary:  Bob Virgadamo
Treasurer:  Dean Koehler
Associate Treasurer:  Elaine Homoky
Immediate Past President:  John Kobland
Membership Chairman:  Jon Goldstein
Information Technology Chairman:  Phyllis Johnson
Tail Twister:  Joe Carroll

Directors - 1 Year:  Dave Cook
                                 Pat Meehan
                                 Andre Mento
Directors - 2 Years:  Tim Demarest
                                  Mike Kaiser
                                  Frank Vesci
Lion Tamer:  Frank Marlowe
Publicity Chairman:  Neile Wright
Jargon Editor:  Bob Virgadamo

October, 2010

October 5 - Board of Directors Meeting - 7:30PM, Boy Scout Room (Town Hall)

October 6 - Regular Meetings - 7PM, Cranbury Station; Dinner: Beef Stroganoff

Program: Yoga Instructor Tarra J. Madore, DC, E-RYT 500, who will speak to us about the benefits of yoga training, and how it can be accomplished at all age levels.

October 20 - Regular Meeting - 7PM, Cranbury Station; Dinner: Chicken Parmigiana

Program: Ms. Suzanne Carroll will tell us what projects the Cranbury Girl Scouts are doing.

November, 2010

November 2 - Board of Directors Meeting - 7:30PM, Boy Scout Room (Town Hall)

November 3 - Regular Meetings - 7PM, Cranbury Station; Dinner: Broiled Salmon

Program: District Governor Michael Hsing will visit and tell us about IP Sid Scruggs Beacon of Hope Initiative and how the District is following through on the initiative.

November 17 - Regular Meeting - 7PM, Teddy's Restaurant; Dinner: TBD

Program: TBD

Things To Know

We'd like to remind all members to PLEASE, share the Jargon with your Spouse, so that our events may be better scheduled on your personal or family calendars for better attendance and participation. Please Note that Spouses are not only invited to attend all meetings, but to become Members under the Family Membership Initiative. In any event, Spouses are wholly encouraged to attend our quarterly "Spouse Night" meetings. Our next scheduled Spouse Night is in October.

The 2010-2011 Budget Audit has almost been completed by Lion Mal Bash, and he advises that that he will be finished by the 10th of the month; we will provide his report in the next issue.

Based on the great weather we had, it looks like we can start saying "it never rains on Cranbury Day", again. What a beautiful day, and thanks to Lion Pat Meehan and his core volunteers, and all the Lions (and non-Lions) who came out to cook, serve, work the ice cream cart and sell 50/50, we raised nearly $1,700. Lion Pat and the Board of Directors would like to hear from the Members with any suggestions that might help improve this fundraiser.

The Club hosted the Golden Agers Luncheon on September 18. A laurel and hardy handshake goes to Lions Christine Thompson & Frank Vesci for hosting the event, and to the Lions who volunteered to serve lunch. But special thanks go to Mrs. Mary Reilly, Lion Elaine Homoky, and Mrs. Barbara Danser, who brought cakes; Lion Fay Kobland who brought in her Tai Chi group, who provided a demonstration/presentation; the Cutting Garden for providing the table decorations; and, of course, George at Teddy's Restaurant for providing the meat loaf main course.

The USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum, held in Milwaukee on September 23-25, was attended by 5 Cranbury Lions: President Dave, PDG Bob, and Past Presidents Mike Kaiser, Monty Hagerty, and Judson Hagerty. We attended classes, which will be presented to the Club at some future date, and, on our "free time", went to the Harley-Davidson Museum; as long-time members of the International Pin Traders Club, Judson & Monty traded pins. The Big Event of the Forum for all of us was when Lion Judson was called to the stage. This was the 34th Annual Forum, and Judson has only missed two due to the illness of his beloved Elizabeth. This year, Judson was honored for his attendance and for being the eldest Lion to regularly attend the Forum. Very Nice! Next year's Forum is in Anchorage, Alaska, so if you've wanted to travel to Alaska, here's your opportunity. More about next year in future issues.

Lion Judson Lion Judson with Forum Chairman, PID Dr. Bill Iannaccone

Event Chair Lion Dave Cook has advised that the Halloween Pumpkin Carving Night Committee is gearing up for another great year. We expect over 100 people to attend, and will serve cider and donuts as we have on Halloween since 1932. Dave has advised that he has obtained a face painter for the event, and prizes will be awarded for best pumpkins carved. A sign-up sheet is going around at meetings, or, if you can't make the meeting but can lend a hand, please contact Lion Dave or PDG Bob.

Our LEO Club advisors, Lions Tim Demarest and Fay Kobland, have worked this past year to get the word out about the start of a new LEO Club in our community. They will still try to get a start in Cranbury, but plan to try to start the Club at Princeton High School. The Board of Directors asks that our members - especially members with school age children - offer their assistance on this LEO Club project. As an interesting note, for those who are not aware of it, ALL high school age children MUST perform a few score hours of volunteer service to graduate, and a LEO Club fits that requirement perfectly.

Both International President Sid Scruggs and District Governor Michael Hsing have asked Clubs to come up with a "Signature Project". President Dave has brought this to the Board of Directors and has suggested we use the barns and the Barn Park as our Signature Project. The Board has made no decision on this yet, and is looking to the membership for input on what the Club can do as a "Signature Project". Please provide your suggestions to President Dave or PDG Bob.

Membership - Membership - Membership

As we've said so often, membership is the key to our survival! New members will rejuvenate existing members and help to keep us ALL young-at-heart, active, and viable! President Dave is asking ALL members to assist Membership Chair Jon Goldstein in attracting and bringing in new members. Some of our members have said that the reason it took so long to become Lions was that no one asked! Ask your friends and neighbors if they would like to give a little of their time to serve and to give back to the community, while having a good time doing it with new friends. If every one of our 61 members asked just one person to join and only 25% of those people joined this year, we would increase our membership by 15 people! To get information about membership options or to obtain membership applications contact Membership Chair Jon, Secretary Bob, or President Dave. In any event, we cannot complete our Mission without a Membership Pool so we MUST maintain a proactive campaign to bring in new Members and keep our Lions Club from being Cranbury's "best kept secret".

...And Attendance...

President Dave is asking EVERY Cranbury Lion to provide suggestions on how we might be able to make the meetings more appealing to a broader range of the membership, in an effort to build a stronger Cranbury Lions Club. Since attendance is such a problem, there must be a reason or reasons; please provide your suggestions to President Dave directly. We can't fix it until we know what's broken!


The Club requires that all Members wear a Lion Vest, Shirt or Hat when we are at a fundraiser or Service Project. If you do not have one of these items, please contact Club Secretary Bob to obtain one. These items are at "cost" to our members. Vests @$40 (S-M-L) or $45 (XL, 2X); larger size vests (to 6X) are available as a special order; hats are $12. Ladies Cut for vests are available, same pricing. We also have a couple of "T-Shirts" left (large), $10 each.

There is a glitch on our website with the Club Directory, but as soon as it is fixed, members can access the Club Directory on-line, using the case-sensitive pass codes which were printed here in past issues, or contact Lion Phyllis Johnson for the pass codes.

Do you know of an interesting speaker? You may be an interesting speaker! Please advise Program Chair Frank Marlowe with any and all suggestions for speakers at our meetings.

Any member who learns of the sickness or death of another member, or in a member's family, or any other similar incident or emergency, should contact Lions Frank Marlowe (Chair, H&W) and/or Christine Johnson ("phone tree"), and/or Bob Virgadamo (e-mail notifications) so that all members may be notified as soon as possible.

Member Pick-Up - Ed Lawson (5 S. Main)

The Club will arrange a ride for any member who is unable to drive to the meeting(s); Lion George Smith has volunteered to be the "permanent" pick-up driver for Lion Ed Lawson (Lion Frank Marlowe is the back-up driver). Drivers: if you cannot make your pick-up, please notify President Dave as soon as possible. Riders: please notify the assigned driver if you cannot make a meeting.