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October 2013

October 1 - Board of Directors Meeting - 7:30PM, Boy Scout Room (Town Hall)

October 2 - Regular Meeting - 7PM, Teddy's, Dinner: Chicken Parmesan $22

Program: Dr. Randell Mills will speak about the innovative energy research being done by BlackLight Power, Inc.

October 9 - Lion-Leo Joint Meeting - 6:00 PM, New Jersey Training School, Dinner Buffet

Program: Presentation of the Leo Excellence Award for 2012-2013, Induction of Leos

November 2013

Nov. 5 - Board of Directors Meeting - 7:30 PM, Boy Scout Room (Town Hall)

Nov. 6 - Regular Meeting - 7PM, Teddy's, Dinner: Roast Turkey $22

Program: Greg DeAngelis, Cranbury digital Camera Club

Nov. 20 - Peace Poster Meeting - 7PM, Cranbury School Large Group Room

Program: Peace Poster Awards

President's Corner

I had the pleasure of attending the USA Canada Forum. Over three days, I attended many workshops and learned a lot about leadership and Lions Clubs that I could bring back to the club. International President Barry Palmer's theme is Follow Your Dream. The Cranbury Lions club has served our community for 81 years. I have a dream that our club meetings and service projects will be fun for all and we will develop a new fundraiser and service project this year. The Cranbury Lions should feel good about the service we provide the community. I have a dream that our friendship, service projects and organization will attract new members.
Yours in Service, President Fay

Things To Know

Cranbury Day on September 7, 2013 was a great success for the Cranbury Lions. The Lions Food Court made approximately $1,320 (a bit more than last year); however, net profit after purchase of a new tent and large grill was about $758. The grill and tent were sorely needed and will serve us well for many years to come. Many thanks to all the Lions who helped out with the food court on set-up, preparing/selling food and breaking down the stand. Special thanks to Lion Co-Chair Pat Meehan and his wife Joanne for their ultimate organization and worker skills, Lion Rick (smoke-in-his-eyes) Burke, Lions Andre Mento and Dave Schaffer for their all day efforts, and Lion Dave Cook and his son for their selling skills. Great job everyone!

The 2nd Annual Duck Race was also held on Cranbury Day. This novel event for all ages is gaining more stature every year. Special kudos to Lion Chair Jon Goldstein and his quack team members John Ryan, Pramod Chivate, Joe Addonizio and Walton Caldwell. And extra thanks to all the Lions who sold raffle tickets. A net profit of approximately $1230 will be donated to the Cranbury Library Building Fund at a meeting of the Cranbury Library Foundation Trustees on Monday October 14, 2013. A YouTube video of the quackery can be viewed at Annual Duck Race.

The Golden Agers Luncheon was hosted by the Cranbury Lions in the Cranbury School Cafeteria on Saturday, September 21, 2013. Lion Chair Christine Thompson and team members Phyllis Johnson, Frank Marlowe and Frank Vesci are congratulated for a job well done.

The Annual Cranbury Lions Summer Picnic planned for September 28th at Treasurer Dean Koehler's home had to be canceled due to lack of adequate sign-up, mostly from an unforeseen conflict with the Historic House Tour on the same day. Thanks to Lion Dean and his wife Ellen for their careful planning and preparation for the picnic. Assuredly, Lions Fay and John (Yours Truly) were looking forward to this affair and will be hounding Dean to do it again next year, absent of any conflicts!

Coming Soon

Secretary John Ryan and team continue to plan Club field Trips for the Cranbury Lions. This is part of our renewal process to bring a stronger sense of camaraderie to the club. Another bike trip is being planned for late October. They are also arranging a visit to a holiday performance in December. Stay tuned for more information on these fun events!

The Advertising/Placemat Efforts for our club are being spearheaded by Lion Elaine Homoky. This is an important fundraising endeavor to advertise both the club and sponsors who elect to support us. Elaine may be looking for your help; please do so as needed to make this a true team effort. Please let Elaine know of any additional advertisers we should approach.

White Cane Day is scheduled for Saturday October 19th at ShopRite in Hightstown under the auspices of Lion Chair Phyllis Johnson. A sign-up sheet is circulating so please donate your time and efforts to this worthwhile cause to help raise money for our charities. Who knows, we might even snag a new member or two in the process!

The Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest will be held on Friday October 25th at 7:00 pm at the Cranbury School Cafeteria. Lion Chair Dave Cook is well advanced on making plans for the event. This is an especially fun night and all Lions are asked to please join and help out in working with the Cranbury PTO to again make this a great and successful experience for the community. A sign-up sheet is circulating.

The Cranbury Lions Annual Pancake Breakfast will be held on Sunday December 8th in the Cranbury School Cafeteria. Lion Co-Chairs Andre Mento and Christine Thompson are beginning preparations for the breakfast. Perkins is donating pancake batter this year. Rick Burke is chairing the Poinsettia Sales again this year and reaching out for more pre-sales. More information will be forthcoming.

Mark your Calendars: The Holiday Party will be at 6:00 PM Friday, December 20th hosted by Pat and Joanne Meehan at their home. Members are asked to bring either an appetizer or dessert and BYOB. There will be a Secret Santa gift exchange if you'd like to participate, bring a wrapper gift in the $10-$15 range and you will go home with a gift. Please RSVP by Friday, December 13th.


For those of you who are not Lions - Lions are the world's largest service organization and lives up to its motto of "We Serve" at the local, state, country and international level. Much of Lions work is done at the local level in Lions Clubs across New Jersey and the USA.

Cranbury Lions has made, and continues to make, important contributions to Cranbury in the form of financial support to worthy causes, physical gifts to the town and support to other organizations. We are men and women of Cranbury and are always open to those who wish to look us over and make a decision to join and carry on the 80 plus years of service legacy to Cranbury. You may join us for a dinner meeting, work with us on a project or talk with another Lion.

The legacy of the Lions is all over Cranbury. Consider the service you can provide in a spirit of fellowship and fun with the Cranbury Lions. Lions, consider why you joined the Cranbury Lions and spread the word of the rewards and value of serving others.

Lions - Here's what you can do: contact a friend or neighbor and invite them to a Lions meeting; talk with Membership Chair Jon Goldstein or President Fay about someone you think would be an asset to our Club and willing to serve Cranbury; look inside your own family, religious and other relationships you have and tell them about your experience and invite them to a dinner meeting; ask a group if they would be willing to listen to a short presentation on the Cranbury Lions (Men's/Women's Clubs, Knights of Columbus, PTA, social clubs.) Our club's service to the community depends on committed Lions who continue to make a difference in Cranbury, now and in the future.


Any member who learns of the sickness or death of another member, or in a member's family, or any other similar incident or emergency, should call or e-mail Lion Frank Marlowe (Chair, Health & Welfare) and/or President Fay Kobland and/or Secretary John Ryan so that all members may be notified as soon as possible.