Cranbury Lions Club

Melvin Jones Fellows

Created in 1973, the Melvin Jones Fellowship is named for the founder of Lions Clubs International, Melvin Jones.

The Melvin Jones Fellowship Award is in recognition of a commitment to humanitarian service. It is not an award in the tradition of Lions awards presented for specific accomplishments. The fellowship is LCIF's highest honor and represents humanitarian qualities such as generosity, compassion, and concern for the less fortunate.

Alphabetically by year, the Cranbury Lions who have been honored as Melvin Jones Fellows are:

James F. Paul
Judson Hagerty
Arthur Hasselbach, Sr.
David Tudor, DVM
Nicholas Altieri*
Mason C. Blaich
J. Lamont Hagerty
Edgar Lawson
George Smith
Mahlon Thompson
Stanley Thomas
Richard Pape
Roscoe P. Hankin
Greg Overstreet
Thomas Reilly
Michael Kaiser
David Shaffer
David Stout
Bob Virgadamo
Bob Wood
Alex Johnson
Frank Marlowe
Peter Turner
Walton Caldwell
Don Herr
Andre Mento
Ray Dickey
Jon Goldstein
Jeff Grundy
Elaine Homoky
Ed Lawson*
Bob Virgadamo*
Bob Virgadamo*2
Mike Kaiser*
Dean Koehler
John Kobland
Bob Virgadamo*5
Fay Kobland
Phyllis Johnson
Neile Wright
David Shaffer*
Bob Virgadamo*10
Christine Thompson
Pat Meehan
John Ryan
Jon Goldstein*
Frank Vesci
Pramod Chivate
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*# Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow